Annual PhUSE conference 2017 Review

Summary of Annual PhUSE conference 2017, Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a bustling vibrant city, steeped in history. It has a blend of UNESCO World Heritage, architecture and world-class entertainment. So, as well as time listening to presentations and catching up with friends and colleagues, there was an opportunity to explore Edinburgh.

As reported by PhUSE office, this year’s Conference was the largest to date, with almost 700 registrations and 125 presenters under 14 streams. It was a great opportunity for people to share knowledge and ideas as well as create contacts within industry. People from pharmaceutical companies, CROs, independent consultants and recruitment consultancy have attended conference. Theme for this year’s conference was “Digital Innovation” and it was observed that pharma industry is rapidly moving towards digitalization. Companies have showcased new application developed by them under Application Development stream. There were applications from TFL workbench to help generate outputs easily to end to end integration of process to get better insight of data. Presentation on use of Shiny app to explore data interactively and export of graphics as an R script won the best presentation award under stream. Four new streams i.e. Analytics and Statistics, Coding Tips and Tricks, Data Standards and Governance, and Standards Implementation, were added to list this time. It was observed that there were numerous presentations on use of R software and shiny for app development to  interactively present clinical data which indicates that industry is moving towards use of R software. R has rapidly become an essential tool in the repertoire of data Scientists, Statistical Programmers and Statisticians.

There were interactive hands-on workshops on topics like Propensity score matching, R software, CDISC – moving from 2D to 3D standards. There was an opportunity to understand Propensity matching score to avoid the over or under estimation of the true treatment effect under study when self-selecting treatment in market. While on the other hand, workshop on Interactive graphics with R and shiny gave an hands-on experience to attendees on simplified end to end development of interactive graphs.

GCE has also participated actively in PhUSE conference by sponsoring posters, drinks and buffet dinner on day 1 and presenting on trending topics in industry. The most trending topic of discussion was EMA Policy 0070 with overall 5 presentations and 1 poster around it. GCE presented on methods of evaluating risk for anonymized clinical documents under Policy 0070 and introduced ShadowTM to industry. GCE showed expertise in SAS programming field by presenting two posters i.e Better way of representing Clinical Trial Data using SAS Graphs and Common mistakes by programmers and Remedies, and one presentation on efficient coding techniques in SAS. GCE also presented on tool, recently developed, to detect outliers in multivariate data using an interactive approach. Presentations can be downloaded from PhUSE website at