Application Development and Maintenance

Application Development means building intelligent software applications as per the client’s specific business needs, so that these applications enable them to meet their business goals.

In today’s dynamic business environment the pressure to build an agile yet robust and secure application infrastructure continues to grow. In such scenarios, technical expertise is no longer the primary success factor; collaboration, accountability, compliance, portfolio and resources management are all becoming key capabilities of the new application development team.

What can GCE do for you?

Data warehouses (or data mart) contain a wide variety of data about an organization and acts as backend for achieving business intelligence. Development of a data warehouse includes development of systems to extract data from operating systems plus installation of a warehouse that provides managers flexible access to the data.

What can GCE do for you?

  • Provide new & innovative trends in the field of software designing and development in accordance with the software development standards to produce compatible software solutions.
  • Carry out development activities with our cross-technology expertise and hands-on experience ensuring our solutions enhance your business performance.
  • Our software application development services include:
    • Custom software application development
    • Application Augmentation
    • Database and B2B Portals
    • Re-designing and Development of Existing Application
    • E-commerce Application Development
  • Support wide array of technologies including Model Driven Development (Eclipse EMF, GMF), Microsoft .Net Platform, J2EE Platform
  • Pursue advanced software processes to keep track of software application development services at each stage; subsequently providing complete maintenance support after timely delivery of rigorously tested final application. We follow strict quality assurance methodologies that help our clients get the maximum returns on their IT spending.

Why GCE?

Working with GCE, you will get certified consultants to develop scalable and flexible software applications, integrating business axioms for efficient products with extensive experience in various industry domains such as finance, insurance, telecom, and healthcare. We specialize in building both portable solutions as well as extensible solutions. So whether you are looking for expertise in diverse platforms, design and development, tools and techniques our experts are always there to develop or manage your applications.

At GCE we make it easy, fun and affordable to invite and utilize our services & solutions!