GCE has been an expert at providing Information Technology services and solutions across different industries since 2006. Our strong IT arm enables us to offer unique services for innovation and enhancement of clinical tools and infrastructures. GCE specializes in providing custom solutions for many small and large Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies who face challenges with their Clinical IT infrastructure and software solutions.

What We Provide

While our Clinical IT Services are greatly dependent on a client’s Clinical IT related issues, we offer services in:

  • Developing or enhancing platforms for clinical data management, Bio-metrics and Statistical Analysis- We provide services to develop and integrate the new solutions and infrastructure into the client’s current infrastructure
  • Creating customized tools for Statistical Programmers
  • Provide integration solutions across business areas and functions

Why GCE?

We originated as an IT solutions provider and evolved into an integrated CRO. This gives us a unique perspective on our clients’ IT needs within clinical development because we fathom the IT aspect of research. Our professionals have the technical skills and broad clinical development experiences that distinguish our consultancy, along with our:

  • Flexible resourcing strategy (contract or permanent positions)
  • Customized solutions
  • Retention rate exceeding 95%
  • Industry exposure (average of over 10 years of experience)
  • Involvement with IT innovation (IBM Premier Business Partner)

Refer to the Why GCE? page for more reasons to choose GCE for your project!