Who We Are

GCE offers clinical project management services to keep clinical projects ahead of schedule. Our clinical project managing team possesses technical backgrounds including clinical trial management, clinical data management, statistics, and statistical programming. These qualifications accompany knowledge on various clinical trial processes and how to proactively manage a team, from technical and administrative aspects, in order to achieve quality deliverables on a timely basis, and also maintain a motivated team.

What We Provide

Some services include but not limit to:

  • Managing cross functional teams
  • Addressing issues proactively
  • Communicating closely with the client
  • Ensuring on-time or even early deliverables
  • Ensuring the project remains on budget
  • Manage team from administrative prospective

Why GCE?

Our project managers effectively drive projects because they understand the processes, requirements, and regulatory deadlines. We work with the mission to foresee the risks and issues, and we handle situations proactively rather than reactively. Also, our team has successfully governed clinical trials and have experience in managing various types of issues and circumstances.
GCE combines your goals with our expertise to mold a strategic plan to manage projects, and we govern that strategy through SOP’s to warrant consistent and timely work. We prioritize flexibility and quality, which is why we have attained over 80% of repeat business.

Refer to the Why GCE? page for more reasons to choose GCE for your project!