Increased concern and the need for data privacy and data sharing have regulatory bodies around the world working to define requirements for data and document de-identification and anonymization. A few Life Sciences companies had developed organic utilities (usually SAS®-based) to address some of the requirements around de-identification and anonymization of datasets; however, these homegrown tools often prove to be inefficient, difficult to maintain, and slow to match quickly evolving requirements.

Anonymization of documents has been even more of a challenge for both life sciences companies and software vendors due to:

    • Quickly developing and variable, country-based regulations
    • Variability of file formats and structures
    • Complexities of regulatory documents and metadata management
    • Limited machine learning skills/knowledge
    • Unfamiliarity with development outside of SAS®

The industry needs a solution that users can rely on to:

      • Guide them through evolving and geo-based regulatory requirements
      • Provide them with guided analysis tools for assessments of risks for re-identification
      • Produce both anonymized data and documents

What We Provide

To assist our sponsors in addressing their De-Identification and Anonymization needs, GCE offers the following:

  • Dedicated, cross-functional, and globally-represented staff (including biostatistics, programming and medical writing experts) focused on industry regulations, trends, and good practices for de-identification and anonymization
  • Support for risk analysis, data AND document de-identification
  • Both FSP (Functional Sourcing Provider) and outsourcing support models
  • Support for developing this capability within your organization via process definition, training and implementation, utilizing GCE Cloud Solutions for Life Sciences (announcement coming soon)

Why GCE?

GCE has been providing high-quality resource and delivery services to our sponsors in the Life Sciences industry for the past decade. During this time, we have not seen the progression we had hoped for with regards to tool- or rather solutions-delivery that would introduce efficiencies and enhance the quality of deliverables produced by/for our sponsors on a daily basis. We are done waiting.

GCE has committed to addressing this need in our industry. We are now both a services and a software solutions company committed to addressing your needs no matter how big or small they might seem to traditional software companies. We believe that our combination of service, business, technology and software development experts best addresses the gap in our industry. In focusing specifically on the challenges of De-ID and Anonymization against currently available tools, we believe that we have identified Data Anonymization services and solutions like no other.

Refer to the Why GCE? page for more reasons to choose GCE for your project!