Data Visualization

In clinical trials, we draw the conclusions for predefined objectives based on results obtained from the data (which could be standard or non-standard). But there are exploratory analysis to plan for future trials and this needs a good understanding of data trends. It will be time consuming and confusing to read through variables of collected data and understand data, specially someone who is not familiar with clinical data structures. Data Visualization is the concept that data can be structured and viewed through a variety of charts and graphs to facilitate analysis. In recent history, clinical industry is more interested in data visualization than data tabulation. One good example could be that if objective is to understand the relationship of concomitant medications and adverse events over study period for individual subjects. Figure 1 can be generated using PROC SGPLOT in SAS.

Figure 1 for patient 01-709-1217, there was a mild event and then Vicks Formula 44D (1 table spoon) was administered for this subject on study day 17, we can also assess from the figure that multivitamin (1 table spoon), Lanoxin (0.25 mg) and Hytrin (5 mg) was started prior to the study drug and continued even after study day 102. So figure 1 can help to understand the complete trend of conmeds and AEs with relationship between these two factors.

Figure 1

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