Who We Are

We are in a time where the Pharmaceutical and Biotech industries are challenged by a smaller number of successful new drugs and expiring of existing patents. Industry reports reveal that a new drug costs an average of $4 billion over a 12-15 year time period. To add the complexity, only about 1 in every 10,000 compounds reach the market, so innovation is a need of the hour. We need innovative ways to accurately predict the success early in the drug life cycle.

Data Visualization is a way to cut through a large amount of data, millions of data points, and reduce the fear of loss of information in big data, in order to accomplish faster drug development with budget savings. GCE’s experts have proficient knowledge in data visualization software and techniques, along with the intellect to present the data in a concise, informative manner and a quick turn-around. Our professionals are well versed in programs such as:

  • Tableau
  • Spotfire
  • R Shiny
  • SAS Jmp
  • Qlikview

What We Provide

GCE will accommodate a client’s visualization needs. Key areas include:

  • Data management monitoring
  • Real-time medical monitoring of a clinical trial
  • Exploration of clinical trial, drug discovery and real world data
  • Competitor analysis
  • Market landscaping
  • Post launch market analysis
  • Physician marketing
  • Clinical trials

Why GCE?

Our team provides the in-depth knowledge and expertise for Data Visualization and are fixated on delivering high quality. GCE emphasizes that our team not only knows how to use the relevant software, but also that they implement techniques to effectively display data. We accomplish this by hosting frequent data visualization training and review proper design approaches.

We also understand that data visualization covers a broad spectrum of requests, which is why we offer adaptable resourcing strategies. We provide anywhere from small contracting work to full time resourcing to execute outsourced projects. Visit our Service Models for more information.

Refer to the Why GCE? page for more reasons to choose GCE for your project!