Who We Are

Being an integral part of many clinical studies, Data Monitoring Committees (DMC) need expert statisticians to analyze data for safety review and DMC meetings. GCE provides biometric and logistical support for DMCs.

What We Provide

We offer assistance anywhere from creating the reports and presenting to the committee, to simply consulting with the client on how to establish a DMC plan. Some specific DMC related services include:

    • Unblinded Statistical Team
    • Authoring of DMC charter and DMC analysis plan, including development of stopping rules
    • Attend blinded and unblinded sessions of DMC meetings
    • Oversee development of analysis, including ad hoc requests
    • Create informational packets for DMC team members
    • Write meeting minutes
    • Statistical Programming
    • Develop DMC reports
    • Develop ad hoc analysis reports
    • Validate blinded versions of DMC documents created by sponsor
    • Administrative Support
    • DMC oversight and management, including meeting coordination and logistics

Why GCE?

Our selective hiring requirements produce a team of experts that thoroughly comprehend the DMC guidelines and procedures. GCE implements a three-tiered hiring vetting process that ensures only credible professionals assist you with your DMC needs.
GCE’s key differentiators also include our flexible resourcing strategies (contract or full-time resources), global scalability (spread across multiple time zones), a low attrition rate of less than 5%, and an expert team with an average of 10 years of experience.

Refer to the Why GCE? page for more reasons to choose GCE for your project!