• Your induction begins with a crash course at GCE training center, or virtually if it suits you better. We believe that showing you how to work beats telling you how to work, so we won’t lecture you. Instead, you’ll learn by working alongside amazing technical experts who will evaluate your knowledge and fill in any gaps. With all this great training, you’ll be set up at your corporate assignment armed with all the skills and resources needed to knock their socks off.

    Your GCE mentor will continue to work with you, offering you advice and training to keep you current with the constantly changing IT universe. Oh, and you get a paycheck. A pretty good one!

  • You can submit your resume against one job at a time. For more than one, you need to submit a separate application with relevant job code.

  • Of course we like people with book smarts and a great smile, but we also look for other qualities:

    • Mad technology skills firmly grounded in the fundamentals.
    • Self-confidence, professionalism, and enthusiasm. In short, people who ooze charm!
    • Like them or not, deadlines are a fact of life in the business world. We need people who can deliver on a timeline.
    • The flexibility to work across cultures and time zones. We’re not joking when we say we’re a global company.

  • We have a flat reporting structure. However, for administrative purpose, we have various levels of the organization mapped with project and service area based reporting structure.

  • From your first day at GCE, your assignment will be based on your skills and experience, but we want you to learn new technologies so we encourage you to stretch into other roles at every opportunity.

  • Learning at GCE is continuous and ongoing. You’ll learn on and off the job through coaching, training programs, job rotation, and more. You’ll learn with trainers and external institutions, or on your own. All this learning combined with the experience of working in the corporate world is how leaders are born. Because our mentors and trainers work with you, they’re in a perfect position to recognize your awesome qualities and reward you for them.

    We believe that learning is continual; therefore we offer a tuition reimbursement program after six (6) months of employment for salaried employees. It provides up to $1000/year towards tuition and fees in any career-related field. Talk to your manager about this popular program for more details.

  • You’ll find yourself challenged every day, on fast-paced projects with tight deadlines and high expectations. But you’ll have fun too. Between the meetings and presentations, hard work and proposals, the GCE culture embraces… your personal celebrations including birthdays, festivals and special moments.

  • We promote based on performance, learning agility and availability of openings within the company. Defined standards exist for each level, but outstanding performers often get promoted at an accelerated pace. A fast track growth is acknowledged and encouraged.

  • Following is a summary of benefits for GCE Solution’s fixed salary employees.

    • Salary – We offer salaries competitive with the industry including an annual bonus based on your personal and company overall performance. Direct deposit paychecks. Annual salary reviews ensure that your salary is on par with your skills and abilities.
    • Paid Time Off – GCE offers employees paid company holidays, sick days off, and paid vacation.
    • Health and Wellness – We believe in keeping you healthy so we give you $200 per year towards a gym membership or the purchase of your own gym equipment. Health plans vary, but you can contact Human Resources for complete information about plans available for you.
    • Referral Program – Good, hardworking people usually know other good, hardworking people. If you refer someone to GCE and we hire them, we reward you.
      Please note that these benefits are subject to change at any time. In the event of change, you will be notified accordingly.