Key Differentiators:

  • Attrition less than 5%
  • Over 80% of repeat business
  • Team of highly experienced professionals with many Ph.D.’s and diverse therapeutic area expertise
  • Flexible resourcing strategies (full time or contract)
  • Employees are allocated to a single client for dedicated focus
  • Global scalability (across the USA, Latin America (Mexico), Europe, Africa, India)

Our Employees

GCE selectively employs experienced professionals to help you stay ahead of the industry and surpass expectations. We believe that quality results from strong processes, focus, experience, and expertise of the team, which is why GCE has a rigorous, multi-step hiring process. GCE employees have an average of over 10 years of industry experience with impressive education and career accomplishments. We seek out individuals with communication skills, technical skills, and knowledge of regulatory guidelines in order to successfully maintain our high caliber team.

We Get To Know You

We commit ourselves to understanding the culture and needs of our clients. For each project, we carefully allocate GCE employee(s) with matching credentials and personality to meet the specific needs of the client and function of the job. Our combination of dedicating this chosen employee(s) to a single client and our non-contracting hiring system is a guaranteed building block for strong relationships between us and our clients and them relying on our assistance.

Our Flexibility

GCE can provide anywhere from conducting the bulk of a clinical trial to a small IT fix. We are continuously pursuing ways to expand our presence in both our client base and services that we provide. Given our small company feel and ability to make strategic decisions quickly, we can tailor our services and products based on your needs. We also have resourcing strategies that can mold to the time and size of your requested projects, which can save money and put you in control of the work you receive. Check out our Service Models page for more information on our resourcing strategies.