Team Foundation Server

Team Foundation Server is a breakthrough in collaborative software design and management. It automates the software delivery process and gives the required tools to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Microsoft Team Foundation Server helps in two ways. First, it enables members of the project team to work together more effectively due to its built-in sharing capability of its feature i.e. team members can share project plans, work products, and progress assessments easily.

Secondly, it assists in integration and extensibility i.e. team Foundation server can be customized as per business requirements ranging from renaming a field in a work item, to integrating an entirely new tool.

Some of the key benefits of Team Foundation Server

  • Version control
  • Shared Services
  • Project management
  • Central point of communication
  • Data collection and reporting
  • Work item tracking
  • Build executable products

What can GCE do for you?

  • Install, automate and customize Team Foundation Server for small, medium and large development teams
  • Help in migrate existing code assets and work item history from third-party source control systems leading to higher efficiency
  • Deploy and Integrate TFS Build Servers to implement Automated Testing and Continuous Integration and expand development domain using TFS Server Proxy
  • Promote efficiency by helping architects and developers to rapidly create more secure, manageable, and reliable applications
  • Implement guidance templates for CMMI, Agile or SCRUM methodologies
  • Increase collaboration among teams, managers, remote developers, interdisciplinary coordination using Project Portals, work items, workflows
  • Integrate your TFS Infrastructure using advanced SQL Server, Active Directory, and Clustering expertise
  • Use our rich experience, knowledge, and skills to offer a variety of solutions to provide real value for our clients like developing custom reports, build scripts, code analysis etc.

GCE Solutions provides end to end support for installation, automation, and customization of Team Foundation Server for small, medium and large size teams. Our dedicated Team Foundation Server consultants have helped many companies to ensure that the TFS implementation takes place flawlessly and aligns well with other enterprise systems.