RF Designing & Optimization

The design of a cellular network is a key activity for the proper and effective operation of any network. The network execution involves a number of activities that goes from the initial network planning to the effective design and deployment procedure. The lack of coordination and project management can result in unnecessary delays in the process.

In today’s dynamic environment vendors and operators are experiencing the demand for improved “network quality” of service and “user quality” of experience, parallel to the increasing competitive pressure from new telecom players.

Planning of a cellular by having a good initial design evolves around following main activities:

  • Monitoring key indicators related to the RF network
  • Analysis of the parameters
  • Constant adjustment of the RF network parameters
  • Monitoring of the channels that impact quality in a negative way and
  • Constant monitoring of network traffic, among others

What can GCE do for you?

We specialize in new emerging technologies to develop innovative products and services. With our extensive experience starting from analog technologies to more advanced technologies in the market, we have developed an integrated approach to the planning and development of the network that has proven to be very efficient, and consistently help clients to improve their operation with the focus on meeting their unique needs.

With international experience in the management of the best techniques, tools, and knowledge, GCE teams have managed to deliver networks designs, efficient to the needs of the operator, before they are put in execution. Our goal is to help our clients maximize the use of the infrastructure, provide the best return on their investment and bridge the gap with new technologies.

We provide following services to our clients:

RF Designing

We can minimize total cost of ownership by creating an efficient design by conducting:

  • In-depth RF Planning
  • Transmission Planning
  • RF / Line of Sight Surveys
  • CW Testing & Model Tuning
  • Cell Planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Network Swap Planning
  • Works across various technologies – LTE, 3G, 2G, CDMA, EVDO

RF Optimization

Through our network optimization services, we focus on minimizing the call drop and RF interference in the network, increase indoor & outdoor coverage, and better speech quality for a better and enhanced experience.

  • Provide a wide range of ongoing optimization and maintenance services to ensure that networks continue to function effectively
  • Data traffic evaluation for improved network performance
  • Monitor system performance and provide recommendation/suggestion for better results
  • Help in upgrading to new technology and equipment
  • Identify value driving opportunities and translate them into revenue generating executable plan
  • Assists our clients to achieve minimal startup time offers pre-defined set of processes, tools and concentrated expertise in one location
  • Conduct ongoing checks including SCAFT, Benchmark, Drive and Plaster Drive Testing
  • Some of the Network Optimization Tools Used are:
  • TEMS Investigation
  • Actix Analyzer
  • CDMA Air Interface Tester (CAIT)
  • Agilent E6474A
  • Neptune
  • TEMS DeskCat

GCE can help your company to achieve and exceed set goals!